In the name of DJ STOP ALS

What IF....

What IF us DJs were told our career has an expiry date...

What IF this is the last concert we’ll ever give...

What IF we know we are mixing our final track...

What IF we find that our body starts to let us down...

What IF our beloved ones and family can no longer speak or embrace us...

What IF us DJs are faced with ALS????

That is why I’ m addressing you. Who am I?

Well, let me briefly introduce myself. I'm Mathon Eijsden also known as DJ-MATHON. I moved over 10 years ago from the Netherlands to Spain and have lived there at various places before finally settling down in Malaga.

As a DJ, your life revolves around studios, tours and parties. It is often difficult to make time for your family let alone for your friends. Not to mention that distance also plays a major role. By settling in Spain, a lot of friendships watered down and it is not obvious to properly maintain new friendships.

In the Netherlands I have a buddy, to me a true friend, a pal for life. By a stroke of misfortune this friend has been affected by ALS. One moment you think OK, we will turn out fine, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Everyone can recall the ice bucket challenge of about 2 years ago and the attention it drew to this terrible disease. We, by which I mean my friend who now has ALS and I, participated in it as well. And now I have to witness with my own eyes what this terrible disease does to him and how quickly he goes downhill.

This made me decide that I am going to participate in the Iron Man in Maastricht on August 6, 2017 to collect as much money as possible and to help people affected by this terrible disease. People who do not have sufficient resources to make a last wish come true, or to try drugs that are not reimbursed by health insurance.

It's quite a challenge to prepare myself to swim 3.86 km, 180.2 km cycling and 42.195 km run. But I'm pretty sure many people currently afflicted with ALS would give everything to fully enjoy life during those 11 months, still remaining till August 6, 2017, and live life to the max. Only this thought keeps me motivated to continue and I hope that my buddy, my best friend may still live on August 6th 2017 and then is waiting for me at the finish of the Iron Man. Because he is the reason why I do this, and for all people affected by ALS.

What IF we DJs even provide unforgettable moments now?

Therefore, I would like to ask you to help me by making a contribution into bank account NL57SNSB0938567543

In the name of DJ STOP ALS


Mathon van Eijsden



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